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I strongly believe that we NEED to have more fun and enjoy our lives more!

Try to remember what it was like when you were a kid and you were in your happy place.

What were you doing?

I get it, we have responsibilities and we can't just run away to a tropical island somewhere and drink margaritas and dance all day.

But, what if we could find ways to enjoy all the things we have to do every day?

What if I showed you how to rediscover what brings you joy so that you can enjoy everyday more?

What if you found a way to put your oxygen mask on first so that you had more energy to give to the people in your life?

What if you understood what is really important to you ?

What if you rediscovered your Happy Place?

Coming Soon.......

6 Week "Rediscover your Happy Place" coaching program



Contact me today at jessiemarie@justagirllikeme.com to set up a time to schedule your one-hour discovery coaching session.
  • Coaching package sessions are conducted by telephone
  • Payment by Paypal is accepted
  • Payment plans available
  • paypal.me/justagirllikeme
  • Ongoing programs available as well (ask for details)
I look forward to working with you. Jessie Marie xo


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