I consulted with Jessica because I was struggling with having a work- life balance, and creating and fostering deep meaningful relationships with people. I used to isolate myself from other people believing that I have spent all my time in building my successful business. That was making me very lonely and unhappy.
While consulting with Jessica, she made me shift my mindset and slowly created new positive beliefs, that I don’t have to choose between success and happiness, I can have both. She made me feel hopeful and positive about the future.
In consulting with Jessica, I found it helpful shat she pinpointed the thinking patters that were holding me back from reaching out to people and making new connections. I found it extremely helpful to look at my 6 human needs and understand, without judging or criticising myself why I was choosing personal growth and my goals over building relationships with people. Specifically, I loved our session where we learned what was missing in my relationships with my immediate family and how I can nurture relationships with them. Jessica also helped me to plan
As a result of consulting with Jessica I am now able to take more time for myself without feeling guilty of not working, stay present in the moment, make plans and what important is follow up with them.
The type of person who could benefit from a consult with Jessica is someone who is struggling with having work-life balance, healthy relationships in life, and wants to be happier and more present.
– Liza Kullimanova